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Intalling a Shower Water Valve – Part II

So we’re continuing on from our first part of this information about installing a shower valve. If you missed it, you can check out Part I here.

shower install 3 So we got that all prepped up and we are using plastic line, so if you are using the push fittings, you need to make sure you have the plastic inserts inside of there, if we are using copper pipe, you could pull those out. So I will get ready to mount this into the shower, the other guy is going to go around that way and run the old screwdriver. I need to put this plastic guard back on there and it will be two bottom holes.

I am just going to hold this against there, it needs this plate too. Here is the plate. So he is going to install the front chrome plate and the screws, just to temporarily kind of hold that in place and then we’ll get the block put in there and get everything positioned exactly where we want. So we’ve got the valve secured from the other side, now I am going to get this block into place and hopefully get everything lined up here.

So that drops into that hole, just like that and I am going to insert some screws through the blocking, through the stud work into the blocking, to help hold that in place. On both ends. Okay, so we’ve got the mixing valve attached there so it can’t move around and next think I am going to do is attach my water lines. Looks like we have lots of line here, I’ll be able to cut some off.

Again, we are using the the Aquapex pipe and I am going to cut this off, you can see our other video using this pipe as far as dealing with the fittings and that sort of thing, so I am not going to talk too much about it right now, but you will be able to see what I do, but you might want to check out that video, to know exactly why I am doing it or how I am doing it. On your valves, when you are facing the valve, the hot is always on the left side.

We are working from the back side, so it’s going to be on my right this time. I forgot. We’ve got the push fit connectors, so I don’t even need this thing. So I’ve cut the end of the pipe square and I can simply push it into the push fit, it should go in about an inch when you’re fully in there. So we simply push it in like that. I completely forgot we have the push fits. I am just trying to get my line arranged here and cut off this one as well.

shower install 2And I can stick it right down into there, make sure I am going down about an inch fully into there, then I know I am seated fully down. And we are good just like that. These water lines, I will use the fasteners to hold them out of the way, no worry with that, so those will get held out of the way. Now what we need to do is use a piece of that Aquapex to go up and put the shower head in place, which is this one, which is also a push fitting on this end. And it has some mounting holes, so we’re going to put a block of wood up here, so that we could mount this fitting itself right up there.

Okay. So we’ve got our shower line going up there and our water line is coming down, I still have to attach this one, I just wanted to mention, I will be installing another piece of blocking that will actually run on this back side of these pipes, so that I could put them against it and use the staples or the wire connectors to hold these all in place, so they are not flopping around in here every time you turn the water on and off. And as well up here. They will get attached there and across the ceiling.

Okay. So we are back around, on the inside of the shower. You can see, we’ve got the handle and the face plate and everything on there, we need to secure the fitting for the shower head itself, the shower spout and what I did was, I plumbed the line up from the center of the knob, up on to this blocking that we’ve installed, so that we know that we are getting that fitting centered on the valve. Just so it looks good.

I am just going to pull that up there screwing, like that. This one takes three screws. Okay. So obviously, once it was drywalled, you’ll have your shower head angled the pipe that will thread in and everything with your shower head on it. So I think that’s about all we need to show you today. Like I said, I am going to still go back around the back side and secure all the piping, so that none of it it’s rattling or banging around when you are using the water.

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