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Help With Simple Refrigerator Repair – Las Vegas Appliance Masters

It’s not uncommon to have a refrigerator door not fully close, which can lead to more problems down the road. In this simple refrigerator repair, Las Vegas Appliance Masters walks us through the process of fixing this particular problem.

Complaints: Refrigerator door is not sealing properly and it dragging on the bottom of the fresh food

Diagnosis: Replace the two Nylon Hinge Washers.

Tools Needed: Phillip Head Screwdriver and a 3/8” Nut Driver both will be incorporated with the drill.

Removing the Nylon Hinge washer (240311303)

The first thing we have to do to remove those nylon hinge washer is we have to remove both doors. To do so, first we have to remove the top hinges, it is covered by a hinge cover, so you are going to just pop off the hinge cover and then there is two 3/8” screws holding the edge in place. You are going to go ahead and remove the screws while pushing against the door; this is to prevent the door from falling off.

Once the screws have been removed, you can pull up on the hinge and set it aside. Once the hinge has been set aside you can open the freezer door a bit, you can set that aside as well.

Then next step is to remove the middle hinge that is for the fresh food and freezer door. What we are going to do is, using the Phillip size screw driver loosen the two screws. Once the screws have been removed, you can set the screw aside. Open the fresh food door, make sure that the fresh food door is secure, then remove the hinges lift it up, set that aside as well and then you can remove the fresh food door by lifting it up off the bottom hinge.

Installing the New Hinge Washer (240311303)

To install the new washer, there are two of them, just slide them right into place on top of the pins. The next step we are going to do is, install the door at the bottom of the hinges, just slide it right on, and then close the door to make sure it is on correctly.

Install the hinges right on the opening of the fresh foods door; you can then slide the pin between the screws, shut the door. Now we are going to secure the middle hinges by fastening the right side with a Phillip size screw driver. Once the right screws are secured, you can go ahead and secure the left 2 screws.

Once we have replace the fresh foods door, and the middle hinge we can now install the freezer door. Now we are just going to slide it into the pins of the hinges. Once it is in place we can go ahead and close the door and install the top hinges, this is going to slide into place. Put the pin on the opening, line up the hinges and you can secure the two 3/8” screws back into place.

Once the screws are secured, you can go ahead and put the hinge cover back on, and then it will just snap back into place, so lined it up and just push down. To make sure there is no gap, check your seal and see that they are sealing properly and the fresh food door is not scraping on the bottom of the chassis.  And you repaid will be complete.

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