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Dealing With Refrigerator Problems – Ice on Evaporator

GE ProfileOk, so today, what we are looking at is a GE Profile refrigerator, customer is getting no cooling in the fresh foods section and is getting cold in the freezer section, since there is cooling the freezer section, I assume the compressor is on, I can hear the fan underneath and I can hear the fan from inside, so what I have had the customer do I remove the shelving and the food and what we see back here is that there is frost starting to build up on this back panel and what that is telling me is that the evaporator is most likely frozen and if it’s frozen, we have to check and see why. You can find more troubleshooting tips like this from Tucson Appliance Masters by following that link to the website.

Typically, it’s going to be a heater or a termination, it could be the fan but when we hear a fan so we are going to explore further inside. For the repair today, you are going to need a drill or a screw driver or a quarter inch nut driver, a multi meter and a flashlight.

Ok so now what I am going to do is I am going to turn the refrigerator off, there is not point in having it on right now, both parts that I am going to test are going to either be cold or just need to have a meter attached to them, this unit has screws on the top and then quarter inch nut at the bottom, I am going to remove all of them.

Ice on Evaporator 2Once those screws are removed, you can probably grab the bottom, pull it out, it will start to fall free, it may or may not have a ground ware attached, you have to turn it sideways to come out from around your shelving parts, ok so now inside this unit, what I have here are a heater, evaporator on both sides and the termination that’s right up here, I am going to take this wiring harness and I am going to open up the wiring harness so I can get to where the plugs are together at.

Once you have got that apart, we are going to take the part that actually goes to all the components that we are going to test, we are going to take our meter, we are going to check it for continuity and what we are going to do is we are going to follow this orange and pink wire back up, we can see that it goes to two separate plugs, sounds like that’s working, let’s check the heaters now and one of the heaters is open.

So what we have to do is take a look and see if it’s a single heater or if it’s a dual heater and the thermostat combination, I have to go double check outside but I will be back in a fish three pair. Ok so we have determined that we need a new heater assembly with termination, it’s both heaters cause all go to this harness, it has a termination connected to it, we are going to install that, what you are going to need to do is you are going to need to one: you are going to let your refrigerator and your freezer defrost for twenty four hours, make sure it’s completely defrosted and then put your food back in and make sure you have something else to put your food in to keep it cold.

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