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Choosing Cabinet Styles For Your New Kitchen

Interactive Kitchen DesignWe’ve been working on making some major changes to our kitchen in all sorts of ways we never imagined before. Thankfully, so far we’ve only done it ‘virtually’, so we haven’t wasted a bunch of time, effort and a ton of money on things we didn’t really like. In this article I’ll be looking at the process we went through in choosing the cabinet styles for our new kitchen.

Once I’ve made those changes I want to set that as my default and you’ll notice down here in the left hand toolbar at the bottom of your screen, the set as default tool allows me to set that object as the default. Now when I place all future base cabinets that comes in as the default. A great way to maybe save yourself some time as you begin your design process if you know in advanced what style of cabinet you’re going to use.

Let’s go ahead and bump this cabinet to the commercial cook top here (by the way, these commercial grade appliances were a wonderful suggestion by our friends at Austin Appliance Masters – http://austinappliancemasters.com/), and all the cabinet face items can be customized. If I want to remove this drawer at the upper end of the cabinet all I have to do is click on it, press the delete key and remove it. All of the components that you have for face items you can easily add or remove those just as I have done here.

Interactive Kitchen Design 2Now for the refrigerator envelope I’m going to use a partition, let’s go and zoom in here and bump that to the base cabinet. If you double click on the partition clearly I could resize that in this elevation view, but sometimes it’s easier to open up the element and I’m going to set the height to 84” and change the depth to 24”.

Now bump the refrigerator to the partition, and now I want to take that partition that we created and copy and reflect that around the refrigerator so I don’t have to draw it again. I’ve got that envelope surrounding the refrigerator and a couple of base cabinets to the left of the refrigerator.

In this case I want to open up the cabinet and create a bank of drawers, so let’s go ahead and choose add new on the face front, choose the drop down for drawer and let’s go ahead and add an 8” drawer.

Finally this bottom face item, change it from a right door to a drawer and now I’ve got my three drawer bank. Now I’ll create one copy of that base cabinet and slide it over here, zoom out a little bit and go back in to the library for our double oven.

I’ve got a double oven cabinet that I’ve already created, any cabinet that you have done any customization to or any style that you want, you can save that and put it in your library. We’re going to explore that further when we get to our island.

While you’re in your elevation view let’s use our dimension tool and drag a dimension through our boxes and pull that down. There may be some cases where I picked up elevations that I don’t want so let’s go ahead and highlight that dimension because I don’t want this window being picked up, and you’ll notice when I select the dimension line that I have diamonds that show up.

You can easily grab those diamonds if it doesn’t pick up what you’re after and adjust those pretty easily, I’m going to show the automatic wall elevation so I don’t have to manually draw these here in just a little bit.

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