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Whether you choose to manage your properties yourself or hire a professional, you need to know what’s worth “upgrading” and how, so you can get the best return on your investment property.

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Inside, Outside, Plumbing, Painting, Electrical and more…
The possibilities are endless when it comes to property improvements (and need for repair).
Do you know how to change a shower head, or will you need to call a professional plumber for a simple job like this?

Are you working harder than you need to to get rid of that old wallpaper? Why not do it the easy way?

Do you know that apart from the kitchen, having a well (at least decently) landscaped area in front of your property can massively improve your chances at a sale, or getting a higher monthly rent?

We’ve Already Taken the Lumps
Listen, we’ve all heard how great it can be to invest in real estate. And it’s true. But what you often don’t hear is all the hassles and difficulties people have when they’re first getting started, unaware of how much **** needs to happen and how much **** can go wrong.

We know because we’ve been there.

And because we’ve watched close friends and family go there too.

We put this website together to help those who are about to travel that road too, to hopefully have a smoother experience than some of the rest of us.

We’re here to shed light on all kinds of property and home improvement projects that you might encounter when getting your first investment property (or even your first home, for that matter, if it’s a “fixer-upper”).

We hope you’ll find the information provided here helpful.

We’ll be tackling all sorts of projects here on our blog, and we welcome your questions and your input.  C’mon in!

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Great Easy to Implement Decorating Tips

We’ve received some great tips from our friends at Rugs and More in Tucson, where we’ve also picked up some gorgeous rugs over the years.

See more great videos here

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